“Chris, as a leader and coach, inspires excellence beyond physical fitness. His commitment to personal growth, strategic business insights, and dedication to serving others showcase his extraordinary capabilities.”

- Numair Khaled Diversity Plan Action Co-Chair, Humboldt State University

“Chris is an exceptional educator and motivator, with innovative ideas transforming not just fitness but personal development and wellness.”

- Dan Wirth MS, Co-Owner of Sierra Athletic Club, Tucson, AZ; Former Director of Strength & Conditioning, University of Arizona

"Chris is a master of his craft. His expertise in wellness yields results that speak volumes of his capability as a highly endorsed fitness and personal development expert. I am privileged to have studied and learned under him.”

- Wilson Morales RT Director of Clinical Education

"Chris uniquely combines virtues of a veteran advocate, business acumen, and expert skills. His unparalleled ethics and commitment make him an ideal partner in business, veterans' initiatives, and personal development."

- Andy Gibbs Founder and CEO, Fidotek, former Spec. 5, Combat Medic

“Chris's educational approach is comprehensive and prestigious, offering clear, informative guidance in fitness and life skills, ideal for anyone seeking holistic personal development, especially veterans.”

- Kathleen Clemens US Navy Veteran

“Chris's transformative work with veterans in personal development and fitness underscores his commitment to profound life changes.”

- Dr. John Sikula Director, Division of Adult Studies & Veteran Services, Ashland University

“Chris's expertise extends far beyond fitness; his ability to inspire, effectively coach, and offer comfort and trust make him a standout in personal development and mentorship.”

- Tyrone Rodriguez USMC Veteran

“Chris's extensive knowledge in wellness and fitness, coupled with his ability to challenge and mentor, makes him an exceptional educator and life coach.”

- Liza Lower Business Owner

“Chris's innovative spirit and expertise, spanning fitness and personal growth, are remarkable. His integrity and contributions significantly impact the industry.”

- Brad Carlson MS, Senior Strength Training Specialist, Bowflex/Nautilus, Inc.

“Chris, the most knowledgeable person I know in the fitness industry. He enhanced my MMA skills and business acumen significantly.”

- Keith Berry BJJ Black Belt and former Bellator MMA Fighter

“Chris's growth mindset and professional ethics make him a versatile and invaluable asset, demonstrating excellence in team leadership and personal development.”

-Bobby R. Howard USAF Veteran; CEO, HISR, Inc.

"Chris is a standout in sales and business, effortlessly connecting with diverse individuals. His ability to transform ideas into tangible outcomes showcases his entrepreneurial spirit. With his positive, practical, and driven approach, Chris is not just an asset to any team but also an invaluable advisor, guiding business ventures toward success with integrity and enthusiasm."

- Jerry Bui Managing Director, Digital Insights & Risk Management

“Chris's passion for fitness ignites a deeper commitment to health and personal well-being, making exercising an inspiring part of life.”

- Abbey Thatcher Manager

“Chris's fitness training program stands out for its impressive expertise and effectiveness, reflecting his respected stature in holistic personal development.”

- Matt Brzycki Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Princeton University; Part-Time Lecturer, Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies, Rutgers University; USMC Veteran

“Chris's insightful approach to personal growth and professional development sets him apart, showcasing a deep understanding of holistic wellness and life coaching.”

- Richie Jaynes BS, Former Gym Owner, Dallas, TX; Strength & Conditioning Coach, SMU; Fitness & Nutrition Entrepreneur

“Chris's profound impact on my health and fitness is a testament to his depth of knowledge in wellness and life coaching.”

- Chris Puentes CEO, Interfresh

“Chris's relentless dedication to uncovering truths in fitness and nutrition has a profound impact on his clients, reflecting his holistic approach to health and personal growth.”

- Angel Banos Owner, Gold's Gym locations

“Chris possesses professional expertise with exceptional interpersonal skills, ensuring high levels of productivity and well-being. His understanding of work-life balance and his empathetic nature as a devoted father and colleague truly stand out.”

- Mike Nguyen Senior Mortgage Banker

“Chris's dedication, leadership, and educational quality in fitness underscore his inspiring influence and commitment to holistic development.”

- Gary Carpenter Board of Directors, Veterans Business Owners Association

“Chris’s knowledge in wellness extends beyond the physical, inspiring personal development with his hardworking, resourceful, and determined nature.”

- Sid Molayem DDS; President, Iranian Dental Association of California

"Chris is exceptionally dedicated to his clients. Working with him guarantees you're in good hands."

- Aaron Leffler CEO Western Capital Mortgage

“Chris played a crucial role in my significant weight loss and personal transformation, providing relentless motivation and extensive knowledge in wellness.”

- Sue Kazdan RN

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