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Elevate performance and fulfillment with Chris Paschane’s mentorship, blending values-driven guidance, innovation, strategic coaching, and a proven track record in elevating productivity and success for CEOs, staff, and diverse ambitious clients.

Empowering Transformations
with Chris Paschane, Your R.E.A.L. Mentor

Welcome to a transformative experience with Chris Paschane, who is more than just a life coach – he is your R.E.A.L. Mentor ©. With a dedication that spans over three decades, Chris’s journey, rich in personal triumphs and professional expertise, uniquely positions him to guide you through your transformation. His approach as a R.E.A.L. Mentor © – Relatable, Empowering, Aspirational, and filled with Love – offers not just lessons but a heartfelt, strategic blueprint for profound life changes. Whether in one-on-one sessions or group training, Chris’s commitment is unwavering, ensuring a complete transformation of your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

Take A Journey

Towards Mastery And Fulfillment With A

Compassionate Guide

Embark on a journey where your potential is fully realized under the empathetic and expert guidance of Chris Paschane. Drawing from his diverse life experiences – overcoming childhood adversity, serving as a Gulf War combat medic, and overcoming a 100% service-connected disability – Chris has mastered essential life skills that form the core of his mentoring. He’s not just teaching; he’s guiding you on a path of mastering introspection, communication, constitution, connection, determination, calculation, and regulation.

Chris’s extensive background has transformed the lives of hundreds, nurturing essential life skills in a manner that resonates deeply with his clients. His approach transcends traditional knowledge transfer, focusing on building a profound personal connection that aligns your goals with the universal energies of Love, Abundance, Wisdom, and Service. As a R.E.A.L. Mentor ©, Chris offers a journey that intertwines your aspirations with the grand narrative of the universe.

Begin your transformative voyage with Chris Paschane and experience a life journey where every step is guided with empathy, understanding, and deep wisdom. This is not just a course; it’s an opportunity to awaken your latent superpowers and align your life with a higher, more meaningful purpose.

Virtual Mentoring

Our virtual mentoring sessions extend the reach of R.E.A.L. Mentorship ©, offering flexibility and convenience without compromising the quality of connection. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move, you can easily connect for a session that is as impactful and heartfelt as our in-person meetings.

In-Person Mentoring

If you prefer a more traditional mentoring setting, our in-person sessions are designed to provide a deeply personal touch. Ideal for those who thrive on direct interaction, these sessions offer the warmth and empathetic presence that are hallmarks of the R.E.A.L. Mentor © approach.

Seamless Integration Of R.E.A.L. Mentorship

Whether you choose virtual or in-person mentoring, you will receive the highest standard of care and personalization that the R.E.A.L. Mentorship © program promises. Each session is carefully tailored to your specific goals and needs, ensuring a consistent and effective journey towards your personal and professional growth.

Reflect On Your Lifestyle

Your choice between in-person and virtual mentorship should align with your lifestyle, location, and how you connect best with others.
Quality Uncompromised
Rest assured, both in-person and virtual options deliver the full benefits of the R.E.A.L. Mentorship ©, ensuring that your path to growth is enriched, empathetic, and effective.


"Chris, as a leader and coach, inspires excellence beyond physical fitness. His commitment to personal growth, strategic business insights, and dedication to serving others showcase his extraordinary capabilities."

- Numair Khaled Diversity Plan Action Co-Chair, Humboldt State University

“Chris is an exceptional educator and motivator, with innovative ideas transforming not just fitness but personal development and wellness.”

- Dan Wirth MS, Co-Owner of Sierra Athletic Club, Tucson, AZ; Former Director of Strength & Conditioning, University of Arizona

"Chris is a master of his craft. His expertise in wellness yields results that speak volumes of his capability as a highly endorsed fitness and personal development expert. I am privileged to have studied and learned under him.”

- Wilson Morales RT Director of Clinical Education

"Chris uniquely combines virtues of a veteran advocate, business acumen, and expert skills. His unparalleled ethics and commitment make him an ideal partner in business, veterans' initiatives, and personal development."

- Andy Gibbs Founder and CEO, Fidotek, former Spec. 5, Combat Medic

“Chris's educational approach is comprehensive and prestigious, offering clear, informative guidance in fitness and life skills, ideal for anyone seeking holistic personal development, especially veterans.”

- Kathleen Clemens US Navy Veteran

“Chris's transformative work with veterans in personal development and fitness underscores his commitment to profound life changes.”

- Dr. John Sikula Director, Division of Adult Studies & Veteran Services, Ashland University

“Chris's expertise extends far beyond fitness; his ability to inspire, effectively coach, and offer comfort and trust make him a standout in personal development and mentorship.”

- Tyrone Rodriguez USMC Veteran

“Chris's extensive knowledge in wellness and fitness, coupled with his ability to challenge and mentor, makes him an exceptional educator and life coach.”

- Liza Lower Business Owner

“Chris's innovative spirit and expertise, spanning fitness and personal growth, are remarkable. His integrity and contributions significantly impact the industry.”

- Brad Carlson MS, Senior Strength Training Specialist, Bowflex/Nautilus, Inc.

“Chris, the most knowledgeable person I know in the fitness industry. He enhanced my MMA skills and business acumen significantly.”

- Keith Berry BJJ Black Belt and former Bellator MMA Fighter

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